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At The End Of Your Mortgage Term, Your Current Mortgage Provider Will Send You A Renewal Notice In The Mail Which Can Be Easily Sign And Send Back. Is That The Right Choice?

Hiring a mortgage broker is one of the simplest parts of home buying or mortgage renewal process. If you don’t know about the role that mortgage brokers play in the process of getting a mortgage, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table towards higher interest rates.

Key Takeaways

1. Lower rates:  Mortgage brokers have access to unpublished rates that may not always be advertised widely, and can be significantly lower than those advertised by banks or credit unions.

2. Accessibility: Many lender’s rates and mortgages can only be accessed through a mortgage broker.

3. Credit Pull: Mortgage brokers with ONE credit pull with your consent can unlock over 30 mortgage lenders to get the best mortgage rate, term, and other privileges tailored to your custom need.

4. Experience: Brokers see different clients in varying financial situations. When thinking about how your life may change over the life of your mortgage term, they’ll be able to provide you with options and scenarios that had never crossed your mind and account for them, potentially saving you thousands in the process over the life of your mortgage.

5. Make a Decision: The final question you’ll need to ask yourself is who is offering you the best mortgage rate and product: your current lender or another lender?